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Renewable Energy Project

11 June 2014

The growth in size of wind turbines and their components has continued to exceed predictions, the current size and scale presents considerable challenges logistically, especially with the fragmented regulatory system under which the trucking industry operates. Differing regulations across EU countries determine the routes that large trailers must take and the condition of the roadways on which they may travel. This can be potentially bad news for wind-farm developers that are expected to stay on construction schedules. Hence, the need for experts in this area when considering the transportation.

Once again Quality Freight provided a solution to one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies, Enerpower, covering all aspects involved in the transportation of another of their wind turbines as well as the logistics that ensured all of the wind turbine components and spare parts arrived safely from the refurbishing sites at Bremen, Germany and Gronbjerg, Denmark in order for Enerpower’s engineers to complete the installation at McAuleys Renewable’s site, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Quality Freight prides itself on providing the complete project management, planning and execution of all projects, ensuring that the job is not simply done, but done safely, efficiently and as per the customer’s requirements.

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