Facilities & Equipment

We have 6 busy working berths and more recently by rail which now connects directly into the port estate at 2 points.

In recent years we have invested EUR 1.2 million on a brand new Liebherr 150 port crane equipped with a 12 cu/m grab. It is capable of achieving a reliable free grabbing rate of 400 m/t per hr of bulk product to or from a vessel. We have made further investment recently in a Fuchs 360 machine equipped with grab for loading and discharging rail cars which complements the Liebherr during especially busy periods for working bulk vessels.

With a range of other lifting tackle and spreaders on site we can efficiently handle containers and any number of other project pieces into or out of the port up to a weight of around 40 m/t. Using our regular heavy crane contractors and the facility to call upon a 400 m/t capacity floating crane we have the option of handling pieces of many hundreds of tonnes on our specialist heavy lift berth Heavy lifts can also be handled on RO/RO, Condock and geared vessels. In addition we can provide experienced Welders and riggers for all hotwork and lashing.

Our 2 truck weighbridges feed into a comprehensive stock control system. In support are 2 Volvo 110 front loading shovels, 2 bobcats and a fleet of ordinary and specialist fork lift trucks at our disposal.
We have capacity to store goods externally or in our 14 warehouses including 4 GTAS approved food grade units, secured by a network of CCTV cameras and 24 hr on site security supplied by Securitas.